"First non-white Pokemon protagonist" yes the white children of the KANTO region in Japan, all of whom are white

Yes, because japan totally doesn’t have an obsession with valuing paleness over other skin tones to such an extent that a majority of anime is severely whitewashed, which has led to some intense body issues and casual racism in japan. Presentation of characters is just as important as the characters themselves.


Asian people don’t want to be pale because they want to be white, Asian people want to be pale because in history, it meant that you were of higher class and that mindset had it’s lasting effect.

The idealness of pale skin in Asian cultures is a product of COLORISM and has been present in Asian society for a LONG ASS TIME, before white people had more of a presence in Asia. Yes colorism has racist roots in American society, but don’t get it twisted when it comes to Asian beauty ideals. 

Not to say that valuing paleness is a good thing (it’s totally not, which is why this is covered in colorism), but you gotta make sure you’re informed. JUST BECAUSE Asian ideals of beauty line up with eurocentric values of beauty does not mean that the colorism prevalent in Asian society was primarily influenced by the west. 

suggested reading more stuff and here’s one about how western and traditional values of farinness both take a role (but honestly the part there they write about eurocentric beauty refers to mostly colorism in american culutre, and dosen’t really touch on western imperialism on eastern cultures anyways)

i am an east asian man who has lived all aroun east and south east asia and i can confirm this fact.

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